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About us

Bridging the Digital Divide with Every Flight

In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, the drone industry stands out as one of the most innovative and game-changing sectors. Amidst this aerial transformation, the Drone Cadets Foundation strives to ensure that no one is left behind.

  • Inclusive Education: Our primary goal is to provide comprehensive drone education, making sure that participants from all backgrounds can grasp drone dynamics, safety, and their extensive applications across varied sectors.

  • Community Upliftment: By building robust ties within marginalized communities, we endeavor to create environments where residents can learn, share knowledge, and fuel their enthusiasm for drones.

  • Creating Future Leaders: We furnish the tools, knowledge, and certifications necessary to inspire individuals to navigate and lead within the promising drone industry.

  • Bridging Gaps with Technology: We’re dedicated to narrowing the digital divide, ensuring everyone, especially those in underrepresented neighborhoods, gets a fair chance to participate in and benefit from the drone industry’s growth.

  • From Local to Global: While our foundation’s roots lie in New York, our aspirations stretch across borders, hoping to influence and inspire communities worldwide.

  • Lifelong Empowerment: Our emphasis rests on continuous learning and evolution, guaranteeing that our cadets stay at the forefront of drone technology and its multifaceted applications.

Our Value

Drone Cadets Foundation: Empowering Futures Through Flight

At the heart of Drone Cadets Foundation lies our unwavering commitment to shaping brighter futures by integrating drone technology into underrepresented communities. Our foundation stands as a beacon of hope and change, driven by the vision of bridging the digital divide and creating avenues of opportunity.

Inclusive Education

Offering comprehensive drone education to ensure everyone, irrespective of their background, gains access to the transformative potential of drone technology.

Community Upliftment

Anchored in the belief that empowerment begins at the grassroots, we actively nurture and build strong ties within marginalized communities, fostering environments of learning and shared growth.

Lifelong Empowerment

Our focus extends beyond just immediate education. We're dedicated to ensuring our cadets remain at the forefront of drone technology, continually evolving and adapting in this dynamic sector.

Our story

Why we do this.

Sgt. Tony Reid, our founder, once served as a correctional officer at Rikers Island. There, he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the youth and the recurring cycle of recidivism that ensnared them. This profound experience made him question: “How can we break the cycle?” The Drone Cadets Foundation emerged as an answer to that poignant inquiry.

Established with a compelling vision to bridge the digital divide, we are on a mission to bring the vast potential of drone technology to underrepresented neighborhoods. Our passion lies in ensuring that drone technology is accessible to everyone, especially those in underserved communities, helping to break the cycles that have long limited their horizons.